Flute Mask! Flute Safety Guard

Mask for Flute to Prevent Splash. A dream solution for flutists.

Flute Safety Guard

Like a face mask that prevents the spread of splash during conversation,
this innovative guard prevents the spread of splash while playing the flute.

Attach the Flute Safety Guard to flute headjoint, and set the specially made mask.
It is so light that one does not feel any difference between with or without FSG.
Furthermore, it does not impair the blowing feels or tone-quality.
The mask part can be replaced to keep it hygienic.

We conducted splash visualization test in collaboration with Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd..
The result was fantastic! The FSG will make other players and audience members feel assured.

* Patent pending: Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-095084


Guard body + 10 replacement masks (for Fl / Pic *)
Guard body + 10 replacement masks (for Alto Fl / Wooden Fl *)
Guard body + 10 replacement masks (for Bass Fl)
Guard body + 10 replacement masks (for Bass in F, Contrabass in C-Small)
Guard body + 10 replacement masks (for Contrabass in C-large)
30 replacement mask pack (white)
30 replacement mask pack – color (pink, blue, yellow, gray)

* Can also be used for piccolo (excluding some models with a thin head tube).
* Cannot be used for Alto flute with U-shaped head joint or Children’s flute.

Now on sale! Please contact Dolce Musical Instruments or our dealers worldwide.
You can also purchase at our Rakuten Shop.

[How to Use]

[Splash Visualization Test Result]

* In collaboration with Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd.



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