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About Dolce

Founded in 1988, Dolce Musical Instruments has been providing the world’s finest wind instruments in Japan and Korea for over 30 years. In addition to major Japanese and international manufactures we work with, we represent many prestigious manufactures oversea as exclusive dealer in Japan. Some of them are very rare that they are found only at our stores in Japan, or sometimes in the whole Asia.

Our stores are located in 3 major cities in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, as well as in Seoul, Korea. If you are traveling to one of those cities, please stop by at our store and see our line-up of the highest quality.

We are happy to answer any question and to support you to find your best musical partner.



Verne.Q. Powell Flutes Wm.s. Haynes Brannen Brotheres Flutemakers Guo Musical Instrument Faulisi WILLIAMS BRAUN TANZER Backun Musical Services H. Wurlitzer Peter Eaton ORSI F. Lorée R. Dupin Heckel Leitzinger Engelbert Schmid Dieter Otto Dürk Horns S.W. Lewis & Dürk S.W. Lewis Lukas Horns Briz Juhász Zoltán Lechner E.K.BLESSING THROJA LITTIN HAAG Get-A-Grip ERGObrass WoodWindDesign Hooki PNEUMO PRO 

Other Brands

In addition to the above brands, we also have instruments from various Japanese and international makers. Below are our major line-up.

Flutes & Piccolos

Sankyo, Muramatsu, Miyazawa, Pearl, Altus, Yamaha, FMC Flute Masters, Kotato, Azumi, Hammig, M.Josef, Keefe, Burkart etc.


Yamaha, M.Josef, Marigaux, B.Crampon etc.


Yamaha, B.Crampon, H.Selmer etc.


Yamaha, W.Schreiber, Moosmann, Fox, Puchner, O.Adler, Amati etc.


Yamaha, Yanagisawa, H.Selmer,Antigua, B.Crampon etc.


Yamaha, Alexander, Wenzel Meinl, Hans Hoyer, BRIZ etc.


Yamaha, V.BACH etc.


Yamaha, XO, V.BACH, A.Courtois, Getzen etc.


Yamaha, Besson, Willson etc.


Yamaha, Alexander, B&S, Willson etc.

Payment / Tax


In addition to cash payment, we offer a wide range of credit card processing options.
We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and Ginrei.

Tax Exemption

We are Japan Tax-Free shop.
You can purchase most items free of the 10% consumption tax under following conditions.


  • Total spending of JPY 5,000 or more (excluding tax).
  • You are a visitor with temporary stay status within 6 months.
  • You must take the tax-free goods out of Japan.
  • Goods purchased for business or commercial purposes are not eligible.


  • You must present your passport with the stamp indicating the date of arrival.
    If the date is not recognizable from the passport, another official document will be necessary.
  • The store staff will make a purchase document.
  • Please confirm the contents of the written oath and sign the document.
  • A proof of the purchase document will be attached to your passport.
  • Please present your passport to Customs when leaving Japan.

Tokyo Store


Dolce Tokyo
  • Address: 8F, 1-13-12 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023 JAPAN
  • Phone: +81 3 5909 1771
  • Fax: +81 3 3345 1388
  • Email:
  • Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm, Closed on Thursdays (except for public holidays)



Direction from Station

Dolce Tokyo Entrance

The nearest station is Shinjuku Station of each line.
When you arrive at Shinjuku,
walk towards the JR Shinjuku Station Central West Exit
and go up to the ground level.
Seeing Yodobashi Camera on your left,
walk straight towards the Keio Plaza Hotel.
When you see the Shinjuku Post Office on your right,
it is the building on your left (Nishi Shinjuku Showa Building).
We are on the 8th floor.


Concert Info at Dolce Tokyo
If there is anything you are interested in, please send an email to

Osaka Store


Dolce Osaka
  • Address: 2-7 Kakuda-cho Kitaku, Osaka 530-0017 JAPAN
  • Phone: +81 6 6377 1117
  • Fax: +81 6 6377 1233
  • Email:
  • Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm, Closed on Thursdays (except for public holidays)


Dolce Osaka Map

Direction from Station

Dolce Osaka Entrance

Exiting the Midosuji ticket gate of JR Osaka Station,
head to the right (south gate) and proceed to the left (Hankyu Department Store side)
then you will see the building with the Ferris wheel (HEP).
Going down the street between HEP and EST under the JR overpass,
and get to at the back of HEP,
you will see on the left a street that goes through the overpass.
Turn left there, and soon you will find
our building of Dolce Musical Instruments on your right.


Concert Info at Dolce Osaka
If there is anything you are interested in, please send an email to

Nagoya Store


Dolce Nagoya
  • Address: 35-2-2 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0008 JAPAN
  • Phone: +81 50 5807 3564
  • Fax: +81 52 218 7828
  • Email:
  • Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm, Closed on Thursdays (except for public holidays)


Dolce Nagoya Map

Direction from Station

Dolce Nagoya Entrance

From Nagoya Station, take Nagoya Subway, either
Higashiyama Line (Yellow Line) or
Tsurumai Line (Blue Line)
to Fushimi Station.

Exit the station from Exit No. 4.

Our store is only 1 minute walk from there.
Please enter the building in the right photo
and the store entrance is on the 2nd floor.


Concert Info at Dolce Nagoya
If there is anything you are interested in, please send an email to

Seoul Store


Dolce Seoul
  • Address: 3F, Moonchang BLDG, 54Banpo-Daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06652, KOREA
  • Phone: +82 2 3472 8383
  • Fax: +82 2 3472 8381
  • Email:
  • Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm


Dolce Seoul Entrance

On the 1st floor of the building, you can see HYUNDAI automobile showroom.

SNS / Facebook

Dolce Seoul Facebook